Your organization’s IT architecture is the backbone that keeps everything together. Ensure it’s in good hands – let us evaluate your architecture and give you suggestions on where you can improve.

Success Stories


Our success stories feature real-world security scenarios. You’ll discover varied approaches adopted by your peers in partnering with Bishop Fox, and how our architecture security services helped organizations, large and small, across an array of industries assess, identify, and minimize risks.

Home security meets cybersecurity

The Internet of Things is a growing industry that presents opportunities for both innovation and exploitation. When a product’s functionality requires the internet, security is key.

Securing a Competitive Advantage

As their business expanded, we were there to help Change Healthcare grow and evolve their security posture.

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Architecture Security Assessment 


Bishop Fox’s architecture security assessment process leverages our team’s extensive industry experience to perform a scoped security review of partial and complete security designs.  Our approach involves interviewing designers and reviewing existing documents to identify violations of secure design principles.


Threat Modeling


To defend against an attacker, you must adopt an attacker’s perspective. Our security team works with you to identify your most high-priority threats as well as how you would realistically mitigate against them. Our approach involves evaluating your applications and systems, scoping threats, creating defenses, and analyzing the resulting model.


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