Case Study Bluebox

Securing Mobile Security With Bluebox

Bluebox needed a vendor to conduct a mobile security assessment of their solution. Bishop Fox established that security was the foundation of their software.


Founded in 2012, Bluebox set out to address a security concern that impacts enterprises and users alike — what happens when mobile apps aren’t as secure as they appear or claim? That’s where Bluebox comes in. Bluebox (which was acquired in April 2016 by Lookout) — a cybersecurity company focused in mobile security challenges — provides mobile application instrumentation to enhance app security and afford enterprises the ability to detect and respond to attacks. Their innovative solution addresses enterprise-level visibility, control, and security needs with the speed, ease of use, and privacy demanded by mobile users. Any company claiming to help secure others needs to be secure themselves. Computer science legend Brian Kernighan once said, “Everyone knows that debugging is twice as hard as writing a program in the first place. So if you are as clever as you can be when you write it, how will you ever debug it?”


“It’s one thing to say you focus on security; it’s another to show due diligence, follow best practice, and prove that you stand by your word.”

Adam Ely Co-Founder, Bluebox

The Challenge

Bluebox boasts leading talent in mobile application development and security on their team, so choosing a trusted advisor meant choosing someone they all could agree on as the best. Co-founder Adam Ely reached out to Bishop Fox’s leading Android and iOS experts for help in performing a mobile security assessment of their security products.

“They are the mobile security leaders; we’re a mobile security company. It just made sense.” As the chosen security vendor for a security vendor, Bishop Fox was ready to get to work.

Image of Bluebox on mobile device for Bishop Fox mobile security case study

The Results - Mobile Security Success

Bluebox implemented Bishop Fox recommendations and solutions to strengthen their security controls and improve their monitoring, auditing, and security event aggregation.

“We wanted a firm whose name carried weight for those in the know. We weren’t looking for a rubber stamp approval from just anyone. We wanted real mobile security testing to know where we could improve for our customers,” said Ely.

Bishop Fox helped prepare Bluebox to serve their own customers and to provide assurance that security wasn’t just the top priority, but that security was  the foundation upon which Bluebox is built.

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