You know how to hack all the things, and you do it well, but if you don’t write up your findings coherently, you’re not gonna get paid. If you insult or confuse your clients, you’ll have to spend your time cleaning up messes instead of increasing your skills and advancing your career.

I’m one of five technical editors who perform grammar QA on reports and presentations at Bishop Fox. Our consultants have us to rely on, but many security professionals have no editor on call. So how do you take control of your writing without a dedicated person checking your work? You must become the editor.

This talk will equip you with practical skills that can help clean up your emails today, and start leveling up your writing for the long term. Come learn how to recognize your strengths and weaknesses as a technical writer, how to fix common typos that spell check can’t catch, and how to build editing time into your process.

Technical Editor Brianne Hughes is set to present at The Diana Initiative this summer.